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About Our Staff

Zigmant J. Kanstul – President

In 1953 Mr. Kanstul moved to Anaheim, California, where he was employed by F.E. Olds and was apprenticed to F.A. Reynolds, from whom he learned the fine art of brass instrument manufacturing. He spent 18 years at Olds where he became factory superintendent in charge of all R & D - Engineering and Design.

Zig Kanstul left Olds in 1970 to become Vice President of King Musical Instruments in charge of the Benge plant. In 1979 he became Vice President of Manufacturing of C.G. Conn and spent the next two years traveling to manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

In 1981 he launched Kanstul Musical Instruments. Located in Anaheim, California, one mile east of Disneyland. Kanstul Musical Instruments employs thirty-six craftsmen and manufactures a complete line of brass musical instruments.

Mark Kanstul – Safety and Environmental Control

When Mark Foster Kanstul was born, December 21, 1955, he already had a double tie to musical manufacturing. The first tie, of course, was being born into the Zig Kanstul family. The second tie was the name Foster, in honor of his father's mentor, Foster Reynolds, plant foreman with F. E. Olds & Son.

Mark grew up in Anaheim, living just one mile from Disneyland. He attended Paul Revere Elementary School and Fremont Junior High, graduating from Anaheim High School in 1974.

At the same time, outside of school, he was receiving an additional education. He started his musical manufacturing career at the age of seven, assembling music lyre holders for F. E. Olds & Son in his father's garage for a penny apiece. At age sixteen, while still attending high school, Mark became the night janitor for Benge Trumpet Company. His father, general manager at the time, told Mark that this was the best way to learn the business -- from the ground up. And Mark has done exactly that.

After high school graduation, his real apprenticeship started. Under Zig's watchful eye, Mark first learned to silver plate horns. Next came final assembly work. Later came precision machining. All the time, Mark was learning all he could, gaining knowledge, acquiring and developing the skills and abilities demanded in musical instrument manufacturing.

In 1981 when his father launched Kanstul Musical Instruments Mark was excited about working for a company with the family name and immediately became a charter member of our work force. Since then, his father, always ready to pass on his experience and advice, has continued to mentor Mark.

Ironically, Mark has not been a very good musician himself, yet this challenging work has always stayed in his blood. He has learned both the science and the art of building horns, and he has learned from the best - from Zig, and through him, from Foster Reynolds and Elden Benge. We can't predict, but it would be no surprise if this remarkable chain passing along skills and knowledge continues into the future. In the year 2000, Mark's son Alex was born, and Alex has had music and musical instruments around him his whole life.

Although Mark's tasks, his responsibilities, and his titles have continued to change, his passion has always remained - the world of brass-wind instrument manufacturing, and the unique place that Kanstul Musical Instruments holds in that world.


Jack Kanstul - Sales & Marketing

Jack started his musical career at the age of 13 performing with the Disneyland Herald Trumpets under the direction of Ron Logan. He was also a Charter Member of the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps which his family helped start in 1963. Growing up in Southern California, Jack had the privilege of studying trumpet under Harold “Pappy” Mitchell, James Stamp and Claude Gordon. At the same time he started to learn the art of instrument making by assembling musical lyres for the F.E. Olds Band Instrument Company . This led to working under his father, Zigmant Kanstul, continuing to learn the fine art of instrument making at the Benge Trumpet Company. In 1994 Jack became the 1st Sales Manager of his family’s company Kanstul Musical Instruments. With his background in playing and manufacturing Jack was able to propel the company to the top by selling Carmel High School under the direction of Richard Saucedo a complete line of Kanstul Custom Class Marching Brass. He was also able to sell a complete line of the famous Kanstul G Bugles used by the top DCI Championship Corps to the Commandants Own Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. For over 20 years Jack has sold Kanstul Brasswinds to the finest brass players around the world. So in December of 2013 Jack was asked to return to his original post as Sales Manager of Kanstul Musical Instruments. Working with his father Zig and brother Mark, Kanstul Musical Instruments continues to be a family owned business and the only completely American Made company to offer the complete line of quality brasswinds. Jack continues to highly recommend the Kanstul Brand of brasswinds as he helps players to see the world over……Nothing RESONATES like a Kanstul.


Troy Emmons - Production Control

Since 1992, Troy Emmons has been a craftsman for Kanstul. His duties include production and inventory control, R&D and of course building Kanstul horns.

Carrie Roybal - Office Manager

Carrie Roybal has worked at the factory since January 1997. In addition to her accounting duties, she handles quite a volume of phone calls, email and customer service.

Laura Bernardino - Shipping and Export Manager

Since 1991, Laura Bernardino has been a key part of the Kanstul operation. Her current duties include order entry, engraving, polishing and shipping.

Duwayne Yee - Trombones

Duwayne Yee worked started working for F.E. Olds in 1964, later at Benge, and has been with Kanstul from the beginning. With over 40 years of horn making, Duwayne is a knowledgeable and valuable craftsman.